Thursday, May 19, 2005

Guest Who

In case of the arrival of an unwanted guest, please follow these instructions:

1. Hint very strongly as to how she was never invited.

2. Subtley comment that it was supposed to be a guys night.

3. If the guest makes no attempt to leave, take her clothes out to her while she is in the hot tub and tell her, "I think you should probably go."

4. In the event of a stuck-up comeback remark such as, "I know everyone here. They don't care if I stay," the need for more extreme measures becomes apparent. In this case, take her clothes back inside and proceed to shove all of them in the rear of your underwear, be they boxers or briefs.

5. To further display your aggravation, remove you shorts and put on her underwear, making sure to stretch them out as you do.

6. Next, reinsert her clothes into the rear of your underwear, which are technically hers.

7. Remove her clothes from the rear of your underwear and shove them down the front of your underwear, which are still technically hers. Make sure to leave them there for a few minutes, just so you know that the full effect is realized.

8. Finally, put your own clothes back on. Take all of her clothes back out to the hot tub, where she is still lounging, not having made any attempt to leave. Throw them on the ground near the hot tub and say, "Nobody wants you here. You need to leave now."

If the guest continues to ignore your strong suggestions, then she is crazy. Convince everyone to ignore her. Pretend like she isn't there. It may take some time, but eventually she should become attention deprived and move on in search of others who will fulfill her attention needs.


Blogger Astrid said...

How many unwanted guests do you receive a day? And do they always make use of your hot tub?

9:06 AM  
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